Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Brief History of the Boy Band Era

Although the term "boy band" is mostly associated with groups from the 1990’s and onwards, other antecedents exist throughout the history of pop music.
I guess if you really think about it, boy bands have been around for many generations. Did you know that the earliest of boy band music came from the 19th century? That's right, the good old fashion A cappella Barbershop Quartets. Basically a group of males singing in a four part harmony. This was way before my time, but I am sure I would have been a screaming obsessed teenager had I been born during that era. 

Some of the early boy band genre groups were The Osmond’s, The Jackson 5, The Monkees, and The Beatles which helped create a platform for today's Boy Bands. Did you know that in a boy band, all members of the band can sing? It is a common tactic of a boy band, as opposed to having a front man take the lead while the rest play instruments. This method was effective so that no single member of the band dominates the stage. Basically a way to create a drama free atmosphere for the group. Having said that, members of the band would still fall into their own stereotypical categories for example: Donny Osmond- the cute one!

Let's see... Does anyone remember Menudo, New Edition, New Kids on the Block,  98 Degrees, All 4 one, N Sync, and Boyz II Men? New Kids on the Block were one of my favorite groups growing up! I was also obsessed with N Sync, and would sing my heart out to Boys II Men.

Did you know that the New Kids on the Block was the first commercially successful modern boy band formed in 1984? They even found international success in 1988.  

Let's not forget the awesome boy band N Sync. I am still a huge fan of JT!

My reason for this post is because recently I have been hearing a ton of buzz about a new boy band group called One Direction. I love staying current, especially in the pop culture department. . I first learned about them from a friend at work. She took her kids to see them in concert about a month ago, and now that is all they will talk about!

I have seen so many tweets, and posts on Facebook about the group as well! I have decided to let you in on a few fun facts about the group.

Fun Facts:

  • One Direction was formed on television in UK’s version of The X Factor. 
  • I kid you not… Harry has four nipples and has been is said to be linked to several cougars. Right! His curly hair is legendary though!
  • Niall doesn’t have a driver’s license, and is the only one that isn’t British. He is Irish!
  • Liam and Louis both recently bought their girlfriends cars.
  • Zayn had fish and chips for lunch on 7-17-12. Check twitter. ;)
  • Their first CD is called Up All Night, and is debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200

Are you a One Direction Fan? What fun facts do you have to share? Are you a boy ban fanatic? What was your favorite group growing up? Tell us, we want to know!

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