Thursday, October 27, 2011

Want a $5.00 free PopSugar Credit?

PopSugar is asking their fans to fill out a survey, and in return they will give you a $5.00 coupon. I have scored some great daily deals! Enjoy!


We just need 3 minutes of your time!

Dear PopSugar Shop Member,

In an effort to continue bringing the best and most amazing offers to you, we would love to hear your thoughts.

Simply click here to take the survey

As a thank you gift, you will receive a $5 coupon code off any PopSugar Shop offer. Make sure to look for it after you complete the survey.

Happy Shopping!


PopSugar Shop

Want to earn #rewards easily and turn them into Amazon, Starbucks, Best Buy Gift Cards???

I have been playing around with a site called Superpoints. It is so easy to earn cash prizes!

Also, the more people you invite, the more you earn. If they earn 10 points, so do you! They also offer daily clicks (I have 50 daily clicks due to my level) which will help you rack up the points. They will also send you points in your email that will be a random number. I actually received 50 points in my email the other day!

The first reward prize starts at 500 points. You can cash the points in for a $5.00 Amazon, Best Buy, Starbucks, and a ton of more retailers! Even better, rack up the points, and cash in for high value gift card amounts.
Thumb_amazon-gc-trans Thumb_bestbuy-gc Thumb_paypalThumb_starbucks-trans Thumb_target Thumb_apple_gc

You can earn a $250.00 MACY's gift card for $25,000 points. Yes, I know it sounds like a lot of points to earn, but it is really easy to rack them up! The more you invite, the more you earn as well!

Unfortunately, I only have a limited number of invites, so if you are not one of the lucky ones this time, message me, and I will put you on the waiting list. Have fun!

The following links are my current invites. Please use one only. If the one you click has been used, then try the next one.

Free Conditioner: Fekkai Brilliant Glossing- Today Only! Hurry

Free Conditioner . . .
Thursday, October 27, 2011
Tame your mane. What if you could wave your magic wand and turn your bottle of old, cruddy conditioner into a fresh, fancy one? Thanks to Saks, you can. During today's Calling All Conditioners event, stop by any Saks location with a full-size bottle of conditioner and get a brand-new full-size Fekkai Brilliant Glossing, Full-Blown Volume, or Salon Technician Color-Care formula. No magic powers required.

I got mine today, and it was super easy! Just bring in a bottle of some old conditioner (doesn't have to be full) and they will trade you a full size Fekkai bottle!
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