Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Latest Gucci inventory! As always a huge discount! Hobos, totes, messenger bags!!!

Here is the latest Gucci inventory...

Here is a look at the latest arrivals. Check out the latest travel & business pieces as well as traditional Canvas and Guccissima handbags!

For my new readers:

I belong to a Gucci mailing list. These weeklyproducts come directly from there Gucci outlet store. You are unable to purchase discount Gucci online, but they will mail you their weekly new arrivals. You can purchase it over the phone, and shipping is only $10.00! I purchased an amazing Gucci classic bag from last season for 50% off!!!!

All of their stuff is from last season, and yes it actually comes directly from Gucci.

As always, if you are interested in getting on Gucci Outlet mailing list, contact me on facebook, and I will share with you their info. http://www.facebook.com/Steffashionista

1.) $529 Medium Ivory Trim GG Canvas D-Gold Hobo: Retail:$755 Dimensions: 12"Lx7"Hx4"D 8"Drop 
2.) $579 Medium Salmon Trim Diamante Canvas Sukey Tote: Retail:$835 Dimensions: 14.5"Lx10.5"Hx4"D 6.5"Drop 
3.) $739 Medium Lavender Trim GG Canvas Sukey Zip Top Tote: Retail:$1050 Dimensions: 13"Lx9"Hx4"D 6.5"Drop 
4.) $609 Large Ivory Trim GG Canvas D-Gold Hobo: Retail:$810 Dimensions: 15"Lx10"Hx5"D 7"Drop 
5.) $609 Large Brown Trim GG Canvas D-Gold Hobo: Retail:$810 Dimensions: 15"Lx10"Hx5"D 7"Drop 
6.) $739 Medium Salmon Trim Diamante Boston: Retail:$1045 Dimensions: 17"Lx11"Hx7"D 7"Drop 
7.) $579 Medium Salmon Trim Diamante Canvas Sukey Zip Top Hobo: Retail:$825 Dimensions: 15"Lx11"Hx4"D 7"Drop 
8.) $819 Medium Ivory Guccissima D-Gold Hobo: Retail:$1165 Dimensions: 12"Lx7"Hx4"D 8"Drop QTY 1 
9.) $1019 Medium Brown Trim GG Canvas Pelham: Retail:$1450 Dimensions: 13"Lx11"Hx4"D 8"Drop 
10.) $969 Medium Lilac Guccissima Sukey Tote: Retail:$1385 Dimensions: 14.5"Lx10.5"Hx4"D 6.5"Drop 

11.) $409 Green Imprimee Flat Messenger: Retail:$590: Dimensions 13.5"Lx11"Hx1"D 23"Drop
12.) $659 Green Imprimee Messenger with Clips: Retail:$890: Dimensions 13"Lx11"Hx3.5"D 21"Drop
13.) $689 Green Imprimee Brief Case: Retail:$990: Dimensions 15"Lx13"Hx3"D 4"Drop
14.) $509 Green Imprimee Zip Front Messenger: Retail:$730: Dimensions 10.5"Lx12"Hx3"D 23"Drop
15.) $839 Green Libbeco Tote With Green Leather Trim: Retail:$1200: Dimensions 17"Lx13"Hx6"D 9"Drop
16.) $479 Green Red Green Stripe Tote With Leather Trim: Retail:$690: Dimensions 19"Lx18"Hx6"D 10"Drop
17.) $689 Green Red Green Stripe Duffel With Leather Trim: Retail:$990: Dimensions 20"Lx13"Hx9"D 9"Drop
18.) $349 Black GG Jacquard Zip Top Tote: Retail:$495: Dimensions 21"Lx18"Hx5"D 10"Drop 

$349 X-Large GG Nylon Collapsible Tote

$529 Medium D Gold Hobo GG Canvas with White Leather Trim

$579 Sukey Tote in Diamante Canvas and Salmon Leather Trim

$739 Medium Sukey Zip Top Tote in GG Canvas

$609 Large D Gold Hobo GG Canvas in White Leather Trim

$609 Large D Gold Hobo in GG Canvas

$739 Diamante Sukey Boston Satchel with Salmon Leather Trim Detachable Shoulder Strap

$579 Medium Sukey Zip Top Hobo in Diamante Canvas

$819 Medium D Gold Hobo in Ivory Guccissima

$1019 Medium Pelham in GG Canvas

$969 Medium Sukey Tote in Lilac Guccissima

$409 Medium
 Green GG Imprimee Flat Crossbody Messenger

$659 Green Imprimee Flap Messenger

$689 Green GG Imprimee Briefcase

$509 Green GG Imprimee Flight Messenger

$839 Olive Libeccio Tote with Olive Leather Trim

$479 Large Overnighter Heritage Tote

$689 White Canvas Heritage Duffel

$349 X-Large GG Nylon Collapsible Tote

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