Wednesday, May 18, 2011

DHC Skincare

I was turned on to DHC a few months ago, and I am 100% satisfied with their products! I have noticed great changes in my skin, and I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys taking care of their skin. You can earn points towards products, and through referrals. They are always having sales, and you get 4 free samples with every purchase. I always select the mini facial soap. Save money on purchasing my favorite soap through them!

By clicking the link below and using my customer referral number, you will receive the following on your first order:
-10% discount on your first order
-Triple Rewards Points on your first order

My customer number: 33564616
They will also send you a magazine with free samples of their bestselling products!

Here are just a couple of my favorite products!

Deep Cleansing Oil- Best makeup remover ever! A 5 star rated product with over 1249 reviews!
Olive Virgin Oil-  Intense facial moisturizer for the face. A 5 star rating with over 5 star rating!
Both of these products offer different sizes


  1. Love it so far....really happy with the weekly scrub too

  2. Me too. I am glad you are enjoying it. The weekly scrub is out of this world!

  3. Hi Stef, ^_^
    want to tell you I really love the Revitalizing Moisture Strips for Eyes. It really tight up my lower eyes area, and reduce the puffiness. Do you have this eye mask?
    Everyone should have this eye mask. Go get yours, ladies~

    Enjoy them~~

  4. Im a NYC dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon and I must say that DHC makes some of the highest quality, natural skincare products on the market. Combined with some of the rejuvenation methods I offer such as Botox, wrinkle fillers, collagen volumizers and replacers, etc.,DHC products complete the final layer in a radiant, youthful complexion. -Dr. Eyal K. Levit M.D. F.A.A.D
    (718) 375 7546

  5. Eyal- I have to agree! Feel free to post your thoughts my facebook page. I hope it brings you business!


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