Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wedding Attire

I tried on 5 dresses, but the very first dress I tried one was the one for me! I purchased this dress from David's Bridal, and it was one of their Spring Watch Dresses. I had inspired three other brides to purchase this dress at David's that the store manager asked if I could stand in the window and model the dress! I thought that was hilarious! The dress comes in ivory and white, but I decided to go with Ivory. It is made of Organza material, so it does not wrinkle easily. I thought I was going to have to have it steamed, but there was no need for it. 

Although I did purchase my veil their, I wish I wouldn't have. They were quite pushy about it, and I was so tired from trying on the dresses, that I caved in. It was a beautiful veil with a peal trim, but it was way overpriced, and I have seen nicer ones out there for a much cheaper price. 

Because I hate my arms, I decided to design a jacket to go with my dress. I used a local tailor in Stamford to create it for me, and she did such a great job. Message me if you need her info.

My Husband (the groom) rented a Calvin Klein Tuxedo from Men's Warehouse. We got a discount from David's Bridal's website. I highly recommend using their coupon. The groomsmen all had the same tuxedo, except they wore ties and my husband wore a bow-tie. The colors were Black, and a silvery/gray for the vest, tie, and handkerchief. 

My Bridesmaids dresses were also purchased from David's Bridal. Initially we picked something out from a small boutique, but they were charging extra fees and it started to become pricey, so we went back to David's Bridal and purchased them there. David's Bridal will give anyone in your Bridal party including Mom's if you purchase your wedding gown there. Their colors were an icy pink. 

My flower girls wore a cute pink dress to match our Bridesmaids.

My little nephew who was the Ring Bearer was wearing a matching suite like his Father who was one of our Ushers. It was a gray suit!

My Father had his own Tuxedo because he is a singing entertainer.

Our Mom's wore very similar dresses. My Mother purchased her dress from David's Bridal. This is not my mother, but this is the dress she purchased.

Mom-in-law's dress. 

My Father-in-law wore a gray suit.

Our Ushers wore Gray Suits.

My 90 year old Grandma wore a long black dress, and my Grandma-in-law wore a brown long dress. They both looked lovely!

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