Friday, June 8, 2012

Honeymoon Keepsake Box

Ok, I am doing this a little backwards. I haven't posted anything on my honeymoon just yet. I promise to post all of the details soon!

Last night I had decided to create our Honeymoon Box. Our Honeymoon destination was in Ireland and London. I made sure to bring back some typical and unique keepsake stuff.

I picked out a pretty rock in North and South Ireland, as well as in London. I wrote the name of the country on the Rock, and put it on display in the Shadow box.

I also pressed flowers from North and South Ireland, and again London. I then taped the pressed flower on a pretty doily (from our hotel) and put on display in the shadow box. 

I made sure we saved all of the travel tickets such as airplane, trains, bus tours, etc... Any attraction we went to, we saved the ticket. I saved our first class menu from the airline as well. I highly recommend  that you save as much as you can because it will look really nice in the display box. I even have some brochures from places that we visited.

We also bought these little keepsake bottles and filled it up with Sand from Ireland, and water from London and Ireland. You can put a pretty label on it.

I went to Michael's and purchased some travel and honeymoon sticks from Jolie. It is a great way to embellish the shadow box. Believe it or not, I actually got my Keepsake Box at Marshalls!

Check out the finished product!!! I went ahead and posted two photos of it, but they pretty much are identical angles! 

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