Monday, April 16, 2012

Jewish Wedding Accessories!

Finding the right wedding accessories can be tough, but finding the right kind of religious accessories sometimes can be even harder! Below is a guide to my Jewish Wedding Accessories! 

Our Rabbi suggested that we use my Brother's Tallit to honor him at the wedding. He will wrap it around us during the ceremony.

For our Kiddish Cups, we will use my fiance's Bar Mitzvah cup, and the other cup is a gift from my future in-laws. This will be used during the ceremony.

Wedding Kippah also known as a Yamaka or Yarmulke. 

My fiance's kippah (yamaka). In Hebrew written above the Chupah is the saying "I am my beloved and my beloved is mine"

Wedding Glass Mezuzah with Beaded Vine 

This comes with a removable stopper, and a glass tube on the front to hold shards of wedding glass. With a beaded vine decoration. Beaded Pearl Design can come in different colors. I found this one to be stylish and affordable!

Groom's glass to break. I could have went with a light bulb, but I wanted a color, and didn't want my fiance to have issues with breaking the glass. 

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I purchased our Kippahs also known as a Yamakas or Yarmulke's from Zion Judaica. I searched many sites, and I found them to be the most reasonable with free clips included!

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