Monday, June 13, 2011

Strike gold with Kate Spade! Paris Hilton gold nail polish??

In the world of Kate Spade they have released this month's color! You guessed it, GOLD! Love the gold bag!

Kate Spade's latest....

a colorful collaboration

So while we are on the topic of gold. I have been seeing gold everywhere! Just recently I noticed that Paris Hilton was wearing this amazing color gold on her nails. After tons and tons of research, I finally figured out the color she is wearing!

So here is the good, the bad, and the ugly news!

So let's start with the ugly! The color on the nails above aren't real nail polish! Boo! the FOIL-look, you need nail strips. This is when your nails are covered with a sticker-like film and shaped to fit the size of your own nail. You will get an extra metallic like color like in the photos above. They are not super easy to put on unfortunately!

Now let's skip on over to the good. I found two similar colors. 

Unfortunately this color is hard to find because it has been discontinued/. It is hard to find, but I found it on

China Glaze Nail Polish #847 2030

Not as impressive as the China Glaze, but close's hard to get that same sheen, but Ginger reported this find from Urban Outfitters: Butter polish in The Full Monty, $14.

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  1. Someone on fb sent me this helpful tip: .
    Andrea wrote: "That looks like those Minx nails. I wish they made polish like that! Maybe Zoya Goldie or China Glaze 2030, even China Glaze GR8 if you're looking for SHINE. Also, I LOVE the gold color (Superfreak) in the Urban Decay Rollergirl Nail Polish kit. I know they're not Essie, but I don't know of an Essie one. I just saw no one responded and thought I would help. :)"


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