It's like losing a best friend: that dark day when you slick on the final swipe from the last tube of your discontinued favorite lipstick. Consider Three Custom Color Specialists your personal mad scientist, custom-blending the makeup formulas you had all but mourned and buried. Resurrecting the deceased is undoubtedly costly (just ask the townspeople in Night of the Living Dead); however, with our exclusive offer, $30 gets you $70 worth of shades from this year and seasons past.

As the name suggests, the experts at Three Custom Color Specialists know a thing or two about color. The vast color archive houses more than 9,000 shades of lipstick, concealer, eyeshadow, and more, including 300-plus discontinued Chanel lip colors. Say you dig up a tube of grandma's perfect, but label-less, fire engine red or want to match your eye color to your favorite nude patent Louboutins? Send in a smear, snapshot, or swatch, and Three Custom Color's makeup artists will hand-blend it for you. Precise color matching is just the tip of the proverbial lipstick: deep in the lab, the formula undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that the texture, opacity, and light reflection are as close to the original as possible while maintaining professional quality standards. So before resigning your favorite canceled cosmetics to the great makeup bag in the sky, give new life to your dearly departed favorites with a custom-blended revival.

Word on the Street

"One fact that bowled me over: Three Custom's 'recipes' date back to the 1930s, so if you wanted the perfect Mary Quant shade of pink lipstick or a red inspired by Rosie the Riveter, you can have them custom-blended for you to be exactly like they were back in the day. (They even have a sample of Revlon's classic Cherries in the Snow—the original formula!)" —

The Fine Print

$30 for $70 worth of merchandise from Three Custom Color Specialists
Limit one offer code per person
Valid online only at
Not valid on previously placed orders
Must use offer code to redeem
Expires Dec. 28, 2011

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All the Benefits

Custom-blended makeup from a cult favorite brand
Choose from more than 9,000 shades in the color archives, including discontinued colors from your favorite brands
Send in a sample of your perfect shade, and Three Custom Color Specialists' experts will hand-blend it for you