Friday, June 10, 2011

How to spot a Gucci Fake!

I have run into many people that do not know how to spot a Gucci Fake.

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Gucci products are crafted with the highest quality materials, design, and workmanship. All Gucci products are made in Italy, except timepieces which are made in Switzerland.

I came across this article on e-how awhile back and found it to be very helpful! If you are needing help on spotting a fake of another designer brand, let me know and I will dig up some information for you.

Difficulty:  Moderate


1. Visit the official Gucci website. Study the features, including the threads, colors, lines and any memorable aspects of the handbags. Take a hard look at the Gucci logo, paying particular attention to the curves of the font.

2. Look for a heavy-duty dust cover for the handbag. A dust cover that looks and feels lightweight and cheap is an indicator that you have a knockoff or are about to purchase one.
3. Study the tags for spelling and grammatical errors. Many fake Gucci handbags will have inaccurate or misspelled information on the price tag. This is also true when shopping online--read all descriptions before buying.
4. Determine if the color is faded. Gucci knockoffs almost always have a faded hue.

5. Scrutinize the handbag logo. If the "G" looks more like an "E," you probably have a fake. The E-like logo is the most common way to fake a Gucci.
6. Compare the stitching of your Gucci handbag to pictures on Gucci's website. At this site, you can zoom in on pictures to study the threading.
7. Feel the bag. Authentic Gucci handbags are made from a high-quality, heavy-duty material. If you are hesitant about the material, you likely have a knockoff.
Tips & Warnings

Authentic Gucci handbags have tracking numbers embossed on the inside of the purse. This is the most foolproof way to check if the bag is real, but it is also the most difficult way.

Always remember that shopping online is a gamble. Even if you are 99 percent sure you are purchasing an authentic Gucci, you won't know until that package comes in the mail. 

Gucci Website 

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